Holiday Stress Relief

Holidays and Families can create a great deal of stress during the Holidays. So I wanted to pass on some Tips for the Holidays…

  1. Set realistic Goals – Not everything is going to be perfect.
  2. Know your limits  – there are only 24 hours per day  – Plan appropriately
  3. Take time for yourself  – Rest  – relax  – “Chillax”
  4. Learn to say “no”
  5. Acknowledge your feelings
  6. Reach out for help if needed
  7. Do not isolate
  8. Make a Plan – If you are going to a place that you feel uncomfortable – Have a Code word or a preplanned reason for leaving.  
  9. Remember that you are only responsible for YOUR – Thoughts, Actions & Reactions.
  10. Do not Overeat – Eat until you are full – not stuffed.
  11. Do not Overspend
  12. The Holidays are not the time to settle difference – Pick a more appropriate time talk.
  13. Make a Gratitude List – Start with A and go to Z.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving – I encourage each of you to “pay it forward”.  Gratitude is a key ingredient to living a peaceful life.