We All Need a Little Help

I was listening to a book last night on tape and in the story, an illness in the family required them to bring in an Au Pair to help the family. I thought “that’s what I need – someone to help me out with the house and to take care of my kids – maybe a ‘Girl Friday’ – Au Pair just sounds better.”

Whatever we call it, we all need a little help sometimes, and for some of us it is hard to ask for help; especially in early recovery. Often the use of Alcohol and Other Drugs is employed as a social lubricant. Therefore going to your first 12-step meeting alone can be very anxiety provoking.

We started Recovery 360 after witnessing thousands of clients go through Residential and Outpatient treatment and never getting connected with the recovery community. Most are fearful of and never go to a meeting or never get involved in the recovery community. The door constantly revolved. To address this issue we have incorporated sober coaches to our program. A sober coach like any pro sports coach can provide an outside perspective, cheerleading, advice, strategy and a platform to set and achieve goals.

We offer a variety of services and tailor them to meet each individual case. We have taken a set outside the box to help those suffering; find peace.

If you need a little help, don’t be afraid to ask. Send us an email at info@recovery360.org and we will be here for you.