Recovery 360

A 360 Degree Approach to Addiction & Recovery


Addiction is an all inclusive term for a complex behavioral disorder. The most obvious symptom is that addicts reach a point where they are no longer able to control their actions. Despite knowing the potential consequences, an addict disregards the information and continues the compulsive behavior.

Addiction is a real disease with psychological, genetic, and psychosocial aspects. It is not a character flaw or failure of morality. Addiction does not discriminate by gender, race, ethnicity, religion, creed, or socioeconomic status.

When most people think of addiction they immediately think of drugs or alcohol.  While these are major addictions, there are many other addictions that people may overlook, such as shopping, gambling, texting, sex, internet, porn, food, exercising, and television.

Addiction to anything becomes a problem when it negatively affects daily life functioning, relationships with others, and/or overall quality of life.