Recovery 360

A 360 Degree Approach to Addiction & Recovery

Therapeutic Services

At Recovery 360, we fully understand that addiction does not occur in a vacuum. Addiction hurts not only the person who is addicted, but it is also detrimental to the person’s family and friends. We offer a range of treatment and therapeutic practice to not only aide the person suffering from addiction to transition from treatment back into the community but also help his/her loved ones to get their own lives back, healing the entire family system. Our specialty is helping families understand their own unhealthy patterns and behaviors, through individual and family therapy, so that they can reclaim their own lives and heal their own family system.

Recovery 360 offers a range of therapy types and services to meet the needs of individuals and families struggling with addiction.

  • Intervention
  • Treatment Coordination
  • Recovery Aftercare Monitoring
  • Individual Therapy
    A licensed therapist will be available for individual therapy sessions for the individual in recovery as well as any family members.
  • Group Therapy
    Therapy in a group setting is available for individuals seeking outpatient treatment. There are also support group sessions available for loved ones of individuals with addiction.
  • Family Therapy
    We offer therapy for the entire family system while their loved one is at a residential treatment facility and when they return from treatment.
  • Advocacy & Reporting
  • Educational Opportunities
    Recovery 360 staff are available to speak at conferences and provide training or other educational services to Corporate Employee Assistance Programs, Parent & Teacher Groups, Churches, and other organizations.

The first step to getting help is to ask.  If you are looking at this website, you are probably contemplating seeking help for yourself or a loved one.  Why not take the next step and contact us by phone or email.